How to Juice a Pineapple (Homemade Juicing Recipe)

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Fresh pineapple juice couldn’t be any easier. See how to juice a pineapple at home with an electric juicer for amazing fresh juice. This homemade pineapple juice recipe is one of our favorite juice recipes because it has just the right amount of sweetness and tons of health benefits. 

homemade pineapple juice recipe

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Many people are leaning towards taking better steps towards improving their immune system, and heart health, and making overall better choices to lead healthy lifestyles. Drinking all kinds of juices like green juice and natural juice without added sugar is a great way to do this. Making your own pineapple juice offers great potential benefits, like vitamin C, dietary fiber, and could possibly help improve other health conditions due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

How to Juice a Pineapple

For this homemade pineapple juice recipe, you will need two simple things:

  • pineapple
  • a juicer

When Is My Pineapple Ready to Juice?

When you are juicing a pineapple you should consider that fresh ripe pineapples will offer the most sweetness coming from the natural sugars. Unripe pineapples may not have the same delicious freshness as a ripe pineapple. 

two pineapples

There are simple methods to determine whether your pineapple is ripe. First, the color of the pineapple. If your pineapple leaves have turned brown and started to crinkle then I think it’s safe to say that you missed the window for juicing. But if the stems are still green then you can move on to the second step. Simply stand your pineapple upright and grab a stem from the center of the top of the pineapple. 

ripe pineapple test

Give a gentle tug on the stem. If the stem easily pulls out then your pineapple is ripe and ready for juicing. If the stem does not easily pull out then you should give it a bit more time to allow the pineapple to ripen. I admit that I do this test at the grocery store as well.

how to know if my pineapple is ripe

How to Cut a Pineapple to Make Pineapple Juice

First, using a sharp knife cut off the top of the pineapple. 

how to juice a pineapple

Set the top aside, you can plant this in your garden and grow your own pineapples.

cut off top of pineapple

Next, lay the pineapple on its side and cut off the bottom of the pineapple. 

cut off bottom of pineapple

Stand the pineapple back up and carefully cut off the exterior pineapple skin.

how to remove pineapple skin

Cut the pineapple up into manageable chunks. They do not have to be small, but they should be small enough to fit into your juicer chute. Do not cut up the core of the pineapple. 

pineapple chunks on a wood cutting board

What Kind of Juicer Should I Use to Make the Best Pineapple Juice

The answer to this question will vary depending on things like personal preference, affordability, and availability.

This pineapple juice recipe is being made using the Nama J2, which is one of the more popular cold press juicers. It is actually a cold press, masticating slow juicer. Cold-press juicers retain more enzymes in their juices because they do not heat up the fruits, veggies, leafy greens, etc like centrifugal juicers do. Cold press juices yield a more nutrient-dense juice. This does not mean that you need a fancy juicer. You can easily make your fresh homemade juice with just about any of the fruit and vegetable juicers out there. The Breville juicer is a great option. It’s actually the juicer we used before stepping up to the Nama J2. 

best cold press juicer, slow masticating juicer

Juicing a Fresh Pineapple

Set up your juicer according to its manufacturer’s directions and turn it on. Insert your pineapple chunks into the juicer chute. If the pieces are too large simply cut them into smaller pieces until they easily fit. You should not have to force anything when juicing a pineapple. 

nama j2 cold press juicer

Most juicers are set up so that the fresh juice comes out on one side while the remaining pulp comes out on the other. 

best juicer NAMA j2

How to Serve Fresh Juice?

Unless you keep your pineapple in the refrigerator (we don’t) your fresh fruit juice will come out of the juicer at room temperature. Pour your fresh pineapple juice into a glass with ice cubes and enjoy. 

how to make pineapple juice

When you juice a pineapple you may have more juice than you are willing to drink in one sitting. If you have extra juice you can store it in an airtight container or these leakproof reusable glass juicing bottles

pineapple juice and glass juicing bottles

Because there are no preservatives in homemade fresh juice, for best taste we tend to drink it within 24 hours otherwise it could potentially start to lose some of its health benefits.

How to Juice a Pineapple (Homemade Juicing Recipe)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Fresh Pineapple Juice in Other Recipes?

Of course, this delicious beverage is quite versatile. Here are a few ideas of what else to do with this most delicious juice:

  • Add a little lemon juice to give it just the right amount of tartness. 
  • ​Turn this into pineapple ginger juice by adding a spoonful of ginger juice. You can juice fresh ginger, or use store-bought ginger juice.
  • Many boozy cocktails love the addition of tropical fruits. Here are a few:

Is the pineapple core edible?

  • Depending on your juicer, you can or can’t juice the core. The core itself is often quite dense. It is perfectly safe to juice the pineapple core in the Nama J2, but if you have a simpler juicer I would refrain from juicing the core as it could put extra strain on the motor and parts. The core could also jam your juicer. If you do decide to go for it, then I suggest cutting the core into small pieces first.

What Should I do with the Pineapple Skin and Core?

If you have a garden the skin, the scraps, the core, and the pineapple pulp are all great to add to your compost bin or pile. And the top of the pineapple can be planted to grow your own pineapple.

leftover pineapple scraps

Where can I get an electric juicer?

If you are on a budget you can always check out a second-hand store. Otherwise, you can always find a wide variety and levels of quality online:

  • Nama J2 ($550 but you can often find a coupon code)
    • powerhouse for juicing fruits, veggies, herbs, leafy greens
  • Omega Cold Press Juicer ($300-350 range)
    • great juicer for juicing pineapple, celery, fruits, and vegetables
  • Breville Juicer Fountain Elite ($300 range)
    • highly rated juicer for all juicing needs
  • Magic Bullet Mini Juicer (under $100)
    • I don’t have personal knowledge of this juicer other than its another option.
How to Juice a Pineapple

How to Juice a Pineapple

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Fresh pineapple juice couldn't be any easier. See how to juice a pineapple at home with an electric juicer for amazing fresh juice.


  • pineapple
  • ice


  1. Check to make sure your pineapple is ripe and ready for juicing but gently pulling on a center stem
  2. cut off the top and bottom of the pineapple
  3. remove the exterior pineapple skin with a shrp knife
  4. cut the pineapple into smaller chunks
  5. feed the pineapple into a juicer
  6. serve over ice and enjoy

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