Freddo Espresso Recipe – Easy to Make at Home 2 Ways

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This Freddo espresso recipe is so easy to make! If you are an avid coffee lover then you probably already know about espresso freddo. All you need is some ice cubes and a few shots of espresso. Well, that’s the simple version. Let’s get into how to make a Freddo espresso.

Freddo Espresso Recipe - Easy to Make at Home 2 Ways

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What is a Freddo Espresso?

The Freddo espresso is a popular Greek iced coffee drink that is made with espresso shots and topped with a layer of foam. It is also often referred to as an iced shaken espresso. There are actually two easy methods to making a Freddo espresso at home. One is shaken and one is frothed. Follow this step-by-step guide for each one to decide which you prefer. 

What Do I Need to Make a Freddo Espresso?

Depending on which method you are using, you will need:

  • espresso
  • ice
  • cocktail shaker
  • milk frother
  • tall glass

Double Shot of Hot Espresso

First, we are going to start with hot espresso. We are using this easy Aeropress espresso recipe to make a double espresso. This recipe calls for 2 scoops or 28g of coffee. We use dark roast coffee beans for most of our espresso drinks. The quality of the espresso, as well as the strength of the espresso, has a lot to do with the beans that you choose. 

Make sure to check out The Best Accessories for your Aeropess Coffee Maker to take your coffee making to the next level here: Best Aeropress Accessories.

easy freddo espresso recipe, greek coffee drink

Scoop your coffee grinds in the Aeropress chamber and fill the chamber with filtered water up to #3. 

Aeropress espresso for freddo

Allow the coffee and water to steep for at least 60 seconds before pressing the hot coffee into the cup. 

how to make espresso in aeropress

You can get the details of this espresso recipe here: Easy Aeropress Espresso Recipe. If you have an espresso machine or another method of making your double shot of espresso by all means that works too. 

hot double shot of espresso in coffee cup

Freddo Espresso Recipe – Shaken Method

Now that we have our double shot of hot espresso we can move on to the next step. This next step requires a cocktail shaker and strainer

freddo espresso recipe with cocktail shaker

Fill the cocktail shaker with ice. 

how to make a shaker espresso freddo

Pour the hot espresso into the shaker and secure the top. 

pour hot espresso over ice

Shake the espresso and ice vigorously for about a minute or so.  

mix espresso with ice in cocktail shaker or drink mixer

After shaking your espresso will have an airy foamy layer on top. This is known as the Freddo signature foam.

cold brew espresso with foam in cocktail shaker

Using the strainer pour your delicious cold coffee drink into an ice-filled glass. 

frothed espresso drink

This cold espresso-based beverage is perfect on a hot summer day. 

cold espresso coffee drink with foam

Freddo Espresso Recipe – Frothing Method

For this next delicious Freddo espresso method, instead of a cocktail shaker and strainer, you will need a handheld frother. 

Again, start with great quality, low acidity coffee and pour the espresso coffee into a milk frothing pitcher. We like this one: milk frothing pitcher

pour hot espresso into frothing pitcher

Using a handheld milk frother, froth the espresso until you have an airy foam. Do this the same way that you would get a cold foam with milk. We like this simple handheld milk frother.

frothing espresso with handheld frother

Pour the frothed espresso into an ice-filled glass.

signature foam on espresso freddo

This frothy cold brew espresso is a whole new coffee experience.

how to make Freddo espresso

No matter which method you choose, the end result is relatively the same. Both methods’ main focus is to incorporate air into the espresso to create a nice layer of foam on top of the drink. This Freddo espresso recipe is a frothy cold espresso straight from the Greek coffee scene without the need for specialty coffee shops. 

freddo espresso recipe in glass with straw

Check out more delicious coffee recipes made with Aeropress here: Aeropress

Freddo Espresso Alternatives and FAQs

How is the Freddo espresso different from a Freddo cappuccino? The key difference between a Freddo espresso and a Freddo cappuccino is that as you have learned Freddo espresso involves combining a hot double shot of espresso with ice in a cocktail shaker. Shaking then creates a signature foam. The Freddo cappuccino is the same up until the end. The cappuccino is topped with a layer of cold milk foam.

Can I sweeten my Freddo espresso recipe? Sure, go ahead and add whatever amount of sugar that you would like, or a homemade syrup or even a flavorful syrup. You can edit the recipe to your own liking. 

Do I have to drink my espresso Freddo black? The standard Greek recipes for espresso Freddo are usually black but you can add a splash of milk if you’d like. You can opt for whole milk, skim milk, almond milk, or any non-dairy milk that you would like. 

Freddo Espresso Recipe - Easy to Make at Home 2 Ways

Freddo Espresso Recipe - Easy to Make at Home 2 Ways

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

A Freddo espresso is the perfect cold drink on a hot day. See two different methods for making this Freddo espresso recipe at home.


  • espresso
  • ice


Method one:

  1. pour a hot double shot of espresso into an ice filled cocktail shaker.
  2. Shake vigorously
  3. Pour over an ice filled glass.

Method two:

  1. pour a hot double shot of espresso into a frothing pitcher
  2. froth the hot espresso with a handheld frother
  3. pour the frothed easpresso into an ice filled glass.

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