Pink Whitney Mixed Drinks and Cocktail Recipes

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Pink Whitney mixed drinks are the new thing made famous by the Spittin Chiclets podcast hosts. The popular pink lemonade-flavored vodka has a fun and fresh flavor profile. Its unique flavor comes from the perfect balance of vodka and sweet lemonade. While the pink color just adds a touch of fun. 

Pink Whitney Mixed Drinks and Cocktail Recipes

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What is Pink Whitney?

If you are just now discovering the amazing Pink Whitney drink then to keep it simple it was developed by the Spittin’ Chiclets crew. It’s a mix of award-winning New Amsterdam vodka and pink lemonade flavor. 

The label on the Pink Whitney bottle truly embodies everyone involved in its creation. From the New Amsterdam spirits company, Paul Bissonnette, Ryan Whitney, and Barstool Sports. 

Pink Whitney Mixed Drinks

Common Questions about Pink Whitney

Here are a few things that others have asked about Pink Whitney:

  • Is Pink Whitney vodka? Yes, it is real vodka. It’s a mix of New Amsterdam vodka and pink lemonade.
  • Can you put Pink Whitney in the freezer? Yes, you can! Keeping it in the freezer is a great idea for when you plan to serve it chilled. 
  • Is Pink Whitney gluten-free? Yes, according to New Amsterdam, it is.
  • What does Pink Whitney taste like? It is a perfect balance of sweetness and sour, with a natural lemon zest, and a burst of fruity flavor. Its fruity taste and sour flavors make the perfect drink for anyone’s taste buds. 
  • Can you mix Pink Whitney with Sprite? Absolutely! 
  • What is good to mix with Pink Whitney? Grab a cocktail shaker, and some lemon wedges, and check out these delicious Pink Whitney mixed drinks recipes to find out. 
Pink Whitney Mixed Drinks

Pink Whitney Mixed Drinks and Cocktail Recipes

Pink Whitney mixed drinks are the new popular pink lemonade-flavored vodka that mixes well with so many things to make amazing cocktails.

When making your own cocktails at home there are always a few essentials to have on hand. Here are a few favorites and must haves:

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