Easy Aeropress Cold Brew Recipe for Delicious Coffee

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This Aeropress cold brew recipe is an all-time favorite among coffee lovers. It’s an easy brewing method to make your own iced coffee without having to leave the comfort of your own home. You may have heard of different cold brew methods, for this iced coffee recipe, we are using the standard Aeropress recipe. It’s the easiest way to make great coffee. 

If you are a coffee lover, then you will absolutely love this simple, delicious cold brew coffee recipe. This cold coffee beverage is a great way to cool off on a hot day. The Aeropress coffee makers allow you to make a variety of different recipes quickly and easily. 

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What is an Aeropress?

The Aeropress coffee maker is a unique, portable coffee maker.  The Aeropress operates by steeping the coffee grounds and water in the cylinder and forcing the liquid through the paper filter using the included plunger.  We consider the Aeropress a very close cousin of the French press coffee maker, but better! Get the Aeropress here: Aeropress Coffee Press.

aeropress cold brew

Parts of the Aeropress Coffee Press

Now that we have the gist of the Aeropress and all the different things that make it the best choice for coffee enthusiasts let’s do a quick overview of the parts. The Aeropress is quite simple, it has a chamber for the coffee grounds and water. There is a filter cap where you put the filter. You can use paper filters or a stainless steel reusable filter. Last, is the plunger. 

parts of the aeropress coffee press

What Makes the Aeropress Coffee Maker Amazing

What makes the Aeropress better than your typical coffee brewing machine?

  • Portable: the Aeropress is small and convenient for travel. Toss it in your travel bag and make great coffee on vacation or a business trip. No more searching for a popular coffee spot when you can make your own.
  • Fast Coffee: You are able to make your own cold brew coffee in less time than it would take you to wait in line and place an order.
  • Flexible: Whether you are making traditional hot coffee or specialty coffee you are able to have a lot of flexibility. You can adjust the grind size, water temperature, and brew strength.
  • Easy Clean up: Clean up is a breeze!

Aeropress Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Traditional cold brew coffee is made by steeping coffee grounds in a cheesecloth or other filter material in a pitcher of cold water for 12-24 hours.  While this brewing process yields great results, you will need to plan ahead and account for the longer brew times. This Aeropress cold brew recipe gives you a simple, on-demand cup of cold brew coffee without the long steep time.   

What is the Best Grind Size for Aeropress

First, start with your favorite coffee. You will get the best results if you grind our own beans for fresh full-flavored coffee. The best coffee beans for this cold brew recipe are good quality fine to medium roast, whole bean coffee. The kind of coffee beans you choose is really a personal preference. If you don’t have a grinder you can absolutely use pre-ground coffee.

One thing to keep in mind is that a finer grind size will work better than a coarse grind, so the best coffee grind size will be between medium and fine. Typical preground store-bought coffee is medium ground because it is made for a standard drip coffee maker. Grinding your own beans allows you to get a bit more finer with your coffee grind. This recipe is using Charleston Organic whole coffee beans, and the Hamilton Beach coffee grinder.

Coffee Strength

Now, decide how strong you like your coffee. There are different ratios for your cold brew concentrate. We found that one heaping Aeropress scoop of coffee offers a weaker cup of coffee, whereas three Aeropress scoops are very strong. You may have to play around with different coffee ratios to find the best ratio for you. Adjust water temps, grind sizes and brew times to find your favorite.

coffee grinds in scooper
Setting up the Aeropress for Cold Brewing Process

First, rinse the paper filter with cold tap water. This will rinse away impurities and eliminate any paper taste. Next, insert the paper filter into the filter cap and secure it to the bottom of the Aeropress chamber.

How to Maker Aeropress Coffee Cold Brew

Add your desired amount of ground coffee to the Aeropress chamber, for the sake of this iced coffee recipe we are using three scoops.

aeropress chamber

Place the whole assembly on top of your cup. Make sure the aero press fits nicely on top of a coffee mug or cup of choice. Then slowly add freshly boiled, filtered, hot water (180 degrees F) until it reaches the “4” stamped on the side of the chamber. Filtered water will make sure to remove any odd flavors that may be in your tap water. You may also play around with room temperature water rather than boiling and see if you like that method better.

aeropress coffee press, how to make aeropress cold brew recipe

Carefully stir until the coffee is fully immersed in the water. The main reason for this is to make sure that all of the coffee particles make contact with the water. Do not skip this part.

coffee grinds for aeropress

Insert the plunger into the chamber and let it steep for only 30-60 seconds. A few drops of the coffee may drip through the filter, this is ok. If there is excessive drip through then you will need a finer grind of coffee.

homemade cold brew recipe

Gently apply pressure on top of the Aeropress and press the plunger down through the chamber. Slight resistance is normal, if you feel too much resistance as your press, then it means that your coffee may actually be too fine. You will see what looks like traditional hot brewed coffee dripping into the cup. Depress the plunger until all of the water is gone and the coffee has been compressed.

how to use aeropress coffee maker

Next, remove the Aeropress and set aside the coffee until it cools slightly, while you prepare your milk of choice.

Preparing Aeropress Cold Brew Recipe Milk

Now we will prepare the milk for our cold brew. Of course, if you prefer your cold brew coffee black then the next step is as simple as pour over ice and enjoy. But if you like your cold brew with milk then grab your frother and milk of choice.

Pour your desired amount of milk into a mason jar or drinking glass.

making iced coffee at home

Froth the milk making sure to get air into the milk.

how to froth milk with handheld brother

This will cause the milk to rise in the glass. What started as a half cup of milk has now filled the glass almost to the top.

frothing milk for iced coffee

The Perfect Cold Brew Coffee

By now your Aeropress brewed coffee should be around room temperature. Add ice cubes to the glass and carefully pour your Aeropress brewed coffee into the glass.

pour hot coffee over brother milk in glass

You should fill your glass up to the tip-top with your coffee.

how to make aeropress cold brew

Pop in a straw and enjoy!

aeropress cold brew recipe

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Easy Aeropress Cold Brew Recipe for Delicious Coffee

Easy Aeropress Cold Brew Recipe for Delicious Coffee

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Additional Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 1 minute

This Aeropress cold brew recipe is an all-time favorite among coffee lovers. It's an easy brewing method to make your own iced coffee.


  • Coffee of choice
  • filtered water
  • milk of choice


  1. Grind your coffee beans to a medium fine grind
  2. Scoop 1-3 heaping aeropress spoonfuls into the Aeroprpess chamber
  3. Add freshly boiled water to the chamber (up to the number 4)
  4. Froth your milk of choice in a glass or mason jar
  5. add ice
  6. pour your freshly brewed coffee over ice/milk and enjoy


The amount of coffee you use comes down to preference, as does the amount of water. The cold brew concentration and ratios will vary depending on how strong or weak you like your coffee.

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