Quick and Easy Butterscotch Latte Recipe

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This butterscotch latte recipe keeps things easy with just three simple ingredients. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the subtle flavor of butterscotch sugar in this easy recipe. 

amoretti butterscotch syrup latte recipe

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How to Make a Butterscotch Latte

First, gather your three simple ingredients. You will need: 

  • 4 oz brewed strong coffee
  • 8oz or one cup milk
  • 2 pumps or 1 Tbsp butterscotch syrup

You will also need a milk frother to create a frothy top on the latte. We like this simple milk frother here: handheld milk frother

easy butterscotch latte recipe

Strong Brewed Coffee

For this hot coffee drink, you will need strong coffee. Of course, you have options. You can brew the coffee with a standard drip coffee maker if that is what you have. We are making this butterscotch latte using coffee brewed with our Aeropress coffee maker. The Aeropress is a must-have tool, for all coffee lovers.  It is similar to a French press, and can be found online here: Aeropress coffee press

You can find detailed instructions for using the Aeropress and more coffee recipes using the Aeropress here: Aeropress Recipes. For the sake of this butterscotch latte recipe, we are using 14g fresh ground coffee, and filling the hot water to the #3 marker of the brew chamber. 

how to make a butterscotch latte with AeroPress

Once you brew coffee, regardless of the method used, transfer 4oz of hot coffee into a tall glass or your favorite mug. 

Make sure to check out The Best Accessories for your Aeropess Coffee Maker to take your coffee making to the next level here: Best Aeropress Accessories.

Butterscotch Flavor 

For the butterscotch flavor of this latte recipe, we are using Amoretti Premium Butterscotch syrup. A little goes a long way and it’s really quite tasty! You can use homemade butterscotch sauce if you have it, otherwise, this flavored syrup works great. We are using 2 full pumps of syrup, which equals one full tablespoon. If you prefer your butterscotch latte on the sweeter side then go ahead and add a bit more.  

Once you add the butterscotch syrup, use a spoon and stir so that the syrup dissolves into the coffee.

best butterscotch syrup for coffee

Frothed Milk

To make a latte you really need to top it off with that milky foam of frothed or steamed milk. The easiest way to create this is with a simple handheld milk frother. First, heat the milk in a frothing pitcher, like this one (here) on the stovetop over medium heat. Make sure the milk does not boil. Next, use the frother to froth the milk. It’s that easy. 

how to froth milk for lattes

Using a milk frothing pitcher allows for easy pouring of the milk into the latte mug. 

frothed milk on butterscotch latte

Pour the milk into the mug and then drizzle a little butterscotch syrup on top of the latte. 

how to make a butterscotch latte

Super Easy Butterscotch Latte Recipe

Skip the coffee shop and make this delicious drink in the comfort of your own home. It’s the perfect delicious treat on cold days.

butterscotch latte recipe

FAQs and Recipe Variations

The best part of making your own coffee drinks at home is the flexibility and ability to make adjustments. That and the fact that most likely, the homemade versions will contain a lot less sugar than most Starbucks coffee drinks.

Can I use non-dairy milk in this latte recipe?

You can use regular cows milk, but if you prefer dairy-free milk we would actually suggest cashew milk. The main reason for this is that coconut milk may add a subtle coconut flavor. Almond milk will also work, but almond milk may separate and appear to curdle due to the breakdown of the proteins in almond milk. It does not actually curdle and is perfectly fine, but it may not look as nice. 

How is this different from the Starbucks smoked butterscotch latte?

The only difference is one ingredient. If you would like to turn this into a smoky butterscotch latte you will need to add 1-2 drops of liquid smoke

Can I add whipped cream to my butterscotch latte?



Quick and Easy Butterscotch Latte Recipe

Quick and Easy Butterscotch Latte Recipe

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the subtle flavor of butterscotch in this easy butterscotch latte recipe.


  • 4 oz brewed strong coffee
  • 8oz (or one cup) of whole milk
  • 2 pumps (or 1 Tbsp) butterscotch syrup


  1. Brew the coffee with either a standard coffee maker or Aeropress coffee maker.
  2. If using an Aeropress, use 14g coffee and fill brew chamber to #3 mark with hot water.
  3. Add 2 pumps (or 1 TBSP) of butterscotch syrup to 4 oz of strong brewed coffee.
  4. Heat milk on stovetop (do not boil). Froth milk and add to coffee.
  5. Drizzle top of latte with more syrup and Enjoy

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