Easy Coffee Ice Cubes Recipe for Your Iced Drinks

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This coffee ice cubes recipe is the easiest way to keep your cold coffee cold without watering down the taste. Once you start making your own coffee cubes you may never use regular ice cubes in your coffee ever again.

easy coffee ice cube recipe

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​What You Need to Make Coffee Ice Cubes

If you are an iced coffee lover then you will love this. These basic ingredients and simple steps are all you need to make homemade coffee ice cubes:

  • your favorite coffee
  • ice cube molds

Could this be any easier? We don’t think so! 

​Coffee & Ice Cube Trays

You can brew a fresh pot of coffee with a standard drip coffee maker, or use leftover coffee. Either works just fine. We are using fresh coffee for these ice cubes. For the iced cube trays, you can use a standard ice cube tray or get fancy with a cute ice cube tray. We decided to use this vintage-style tray with the lever. It makes large ice cubes. You can find it online here: Vintage-inspired ice cube tray.

vintage ice cube tray with lever and brewed fresh coffee

Pour the black coffee into a clean ice cube tray. 

pour coffee in tray

For this style ice cube tray you then next have to place the ice cube and lever part into the tray. If you are using a standard or silicone tray then you are basically done.

Place the tray into the freezer and wait. Maybe make yourself a nice cup of coffee while you wait.

how coffee in ice tray

Frozen Coffee 

Once the coffee is fully frozen you have a nice big batch of coffee ice cubes. Leave the ice cube tray out at room temperature for a minute or two so that the ice cubes will easily pop out of the tray. 

frozen coffee cubes

Pull back the hand lever to release the coffee ice cubes. 

vintage ice cube tray with lever

Remove the center mold and lever section from the tray. 

vintage ice cube tray

In addition to this vintage style ice cube tray we also have these silicone ice cube trays that make perfectly smooth ice cubes. Find it here: silicone ice cube mold.

A Coffee Lovers Perfect Ice Cube

Use these for all of your favorite coffee recipes. This is the best way to keep your cold brew coffee nice and cold on a hot summer day. It’s also a great way to cool down a hot coffee.

bowl of coffee ice cubes

The worst part about standard ice cubes is when the ice melts it tends to water down your otherwise perfect drink. But with these, you can enjoy the same coffee flavor from the first sip all the way to the last drop. 

ice cubes made of coffee in a bowl

Keep your coffee cool on a hot day, or any day. These are also great for an iced latte, iced mocha, or iced caramel latte. The possibilities are endless. You can also use these in any cold drink, like a Bailey’s iced coffee for example. 

coffee cubes in tall glass

Drop your coffee ice cubes in a few tall glasses, and enjoy.

coffee ice cubes recipe

FAQs and Variations

You are always able to adjust a recipe to your own personal preference. Doing this may yield different results.

Can I add a liquid sweetener to the ice cubes when freezing? 

You can try it. Try with maple syrup, simple syrup, or any flavored syrup. We like to keep our iced cubes simple with black coffee to allow for the additional ingredients in each individual drink. Keep in mind that due to the sugars in different sweeteners, they may not freeze solid. 

Can I add milk to the ice cubes when freezing?

Again, give it a try with your favorite milk. Try almond milk, oat milk, or whole milk. The milk should freeze more easily than the sweeteners.

how to make coffee ice cubes
Easy Coffee Ice Cubes Recipe for Your Iced Drinks

Easy Coffee Ice Cubes Recipe for Your Iced Drinks

Prep Time: 3 minutes
Additional Time: 6 hours
Total Time: 6 hours 3 minutes

If you are an iced coffee lover then you will love this. This coffee ice cubes recipe is the easiest way to keep your cold coffee cold without watering down the taste


  • a pot of hot brewed coffee or leftover coffee


  1. pour coffee into an ice cube tray
  2. place try in freezer
  3. wait for ice cubes
  4. enjoy with your favorite coffee drinks

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